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What to expect upon signing up with MVP

How long does the intake process take?   Generally once we have all information, patients are cleared by our billing department and ready to be scheduled within 48 hours. 

How will I know what day I'm scheduled?  Upon clearing insurance, we will call to let you know you are ready to be seen.  We will usually have a day when a provider is in your area to be able to schedule you at that time.  We will let you know a time frame of when to expect the provider during that phone call.  

How long will appointments take?   New Patient appointments take about an hour.  Follow up appointments are generally much shorter and take about 20-30 minutes.

What happens at a New Patient appointment?   Our provider will do a complete history and physical, do a medication reconciliation, and go over any family history and diagnoses.  

Do I contact your office for refills or anything I need between appointments?  Yes!  During the initial appointment, your provider will leave a card with your "Care Team" information.  It will have the name of your Clinical Coordinator as well as the name of the Scheduler that reached out to you for appointments.  Your Care Team will assist you with any referrals, refills, sign any home care orders or answer any general questions you may have between appointments. 

Can you work alongside my current Primary Care Provider? Yes!  We can obtain their name during the New Patient appointment and can fax them your visit notes so they are kept aware of happenings when you are seen by us also. 

What happens if I go to the hospital?  If you go to the hospital, please call your care team and keep them updated.  Upon discharge, we will schedule a Hospital Follow Up within 3 days of discharge.  Your provider will come out for a complete visits and reconcile medications from the hospital. 

How often will I be seen?  Research shows seeing patients every 4-6 weeks keeps chronic exacerbation under control - keeping you at home and healthy, where you want to be! 

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